At MTD we specialise on the maintenance and repairs of engines for marine application, used on yachts, ferries and mega yachts, but we also take care of the maintenance of MTU engines used as energy generators throughout various locations at the Madrid and Catalunya.

We hold great experience in most of the diesel engines manufactured by MTU, especially on the series


We work with original components, parts and consumables, which are subject to the demanding levels of quality required by MTU and therefore covered by the German manufacturer’s warranty.

Nonetheless, we have a close relationship with MTU through its subsidiary in Spain, MTU Ibérica, for both the supply of parts as well as for punctual technical assistance.

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  3. Viñeta2000

  4. Viñeta2000 - Common Rail

  1. Viñeta4000 - Common Rail

  2. Viñeta396

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